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Club Events

Club meetings every 2nd Monday
5:45 PM Social time, Meeting 6:30 PM - The Chariot

January 27 Oasis Orientation
March 9 & 10 Greenville Hospital Days
March 22-25 SASA New Bern
April 14 One Day Ceremonial, Ashe County Shrine Club
April 19-21 Hendersonville Paper Crusade
May 3-5 Henderson County Paper Crusade
May 16-18 Polk County Paper Crusade
May 26 & 27 Garden Jubilee
June 1-3 Spring Ceremonial, Blowing Rock
July 7 'Coon Dog Day, Saluda
August 25 Black Tie Ceremonial
August 31 Hendersonville Apple Festival
Sept. 1-3 Hendersonville Apple Festival
Sept. 3 Hendersonville Apple Parade
Sept. 19-23 SASA, Myrtle Beach, SC
Sept. 28-29 Grand Lodge
Oct. 6 Farm City Day
Oct. 10 Shrine Circus - NC Ag Center, Fletcher
Oct. 20 Shrine Breakfast, ELKS Lodge
Oct. 25-27 Antique Engine & Tractor Show, Fletcher
Nov. 2-4 Fall Ceremonial - Oasis, Charlotte
Dec. 1 Hendersonville Christmas Parade
Dec. 6 Installation of Officers 2019 and Awards Banquet


A Board of Directors, consisting of Club Officers and first and second-tier leaders in Fundraising, Programming, Events, Staging, Technology and Communications, Membership and Hospital Liaison, manages Hendersonville Shrine Club. The elected officers appoint or remove non-elected members of the Board, which meets monthly to conduct business, plan programs and coordinate activities locally, meshing these with scheduled Oasis programs.

2018 Officers

Noble Gerald Boykin
The President, Gerald Boykin, is responsible or managing the club’s affairs and coordinates the efforts of the other officers, committee chairmen and volunteers. He monitors club programs and has overall executive authority in the club.


Noble Chris Scruggs
The First Vice President, Chris Scruggs, acts in the absence of the President; oversees and guides the activities of various project chairmen. His main focus centers on the fundraising efforts and events for the benefit of Shriners Hospitals for Children.


First Vice President
The Second Vice President, Frank Brady, is in charge of scheduling and programming social events, including the regular meetings, dinners, outings and special functions. He also handles guest-relations functions.



The Secretary/Treasurer, Sam Settle, is responsible for the handling of our finances, receiving moneys, paying bills, and reports the financial condition of the club to the board. His financial summaries guide the Board and are reported annually in the club’s newsletter. He also disburses funds received as contribution/fundraising events to Oasis Temple.

The Secretary, handles all correspondence and is the main conduit to Oasis Temple. He processes membership petitions, maintains membership records and coordinates information for the Club Membership Directory. As the club’s correspondent, he communicates with other clubs, Oasis Temple, Imperial Shrine and allied fraternal organizations.


Chaplain The Chaplain, Ronald Dellinger, gives invocations and benedictions at meetings and provides fraternal and spiritual guidance during assemblages.


ScimitarOur club was formed in 1961 by a group of Hendersonville-area Nobles with the guidance and encouragement from the Nobles of the nearby Transylvania Shrine Club in Brevard, North Carolina. A Charter sanctioning the Club was received from the Oasis Temple in Charlotte that same year.

These pioneers met to bond personal and fraternal relationships and to map future Shrine activities in the community. Membership grew steadily under the leadership of the club’s first president, the late Noble Jack M. Davies, who served five terms. The first ten years were ones of development and expanding horizons.

By 1985, membership had more than doubled to 278 and new programs and events were added to the calendar. A directory and a newsletter were published to inform the membership of upcoming events. These communication steps fostered even greater interest in the Club.

For our Club’s 30th anniversary in 1991, membership had passed 300 and by 1993 it neared 400. Part of this growth can be attributed to population increases in this most favored land. Another part is attributed to your Club’s meaningful programs. In even larger measures, perhaps, our Club grew because of the unique caliber of men who had become members, and the dedication and spirit of outstanding Nobles who actively supported the goals of Shrinedom events.


Membership is open to any man holding the Master Mason degree in Freemasonry and being a member in good standing of a Lodge recognized and in amity with the Conference of Grand Masters of North America and of a recognized Shrine Temple. To join our dynamic club, please complete this petition and then notify the Membership Chairman.


Club meetings are held the second Monday of every month, except December, at The Chariot meeting facilities, on the corner of Church Street and 7th Avenue, in Hendersonville. A social period begins at 5:45 p.m. followed by dinner at 6:30 and a program and the regular business meeting. Any Shriner is welcome to attend. Several times a year we invite our Shrine Ladies to attend with us and usually have a special program for this event.

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Fundraising for the Hospitals

One of the primary reasons that most of become a Shriner is the mission of the organization, which is to raise money for the support of the 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children. Every year we collectively raise about $800 million for these hospitals.

The Hendersonville Shrine Club is proud of our record of consistently producing more money for the Hospitals than any other club in our area.

How do we do that? Very simple. We work hard and have the support of an appreciative population, many of whom have been personally touched by having a family member or friend who has been successfully treated at one of our Shriners Hospitals.

We owe our success to those who
support and believe in us.

One of the most touching recent testimonials, quoted from the child's parents and reported in a local newspaper, was "They did exactly what they say they do.”

The Annual Paper Sale is a high-visibility operation where by we are seen with our red fez for one week end a year at street corners, businesses, post office, banks, restaurants and other places from dawn to dusk handing out our Shriners Newspapers and accepting donations from the public at large. This event is a major contributor to the funds we raise annually for our Hospitals. Nowhere does the Shrine Organization enjoy more community support than we find in our area.

Next comes our Annual ‘Auction for Love’, which is our premiere fundraising event usually held on the third Thursday of July in Hendersonville. Although it is a one-evening event, over 30 of our members get involved and work all year long on this monumental and productive effort. Nobles solicit sponsorships and collect items donated for the auction from the local and surrounding business communities. You will find many new items such as art pieces, local crafts, valuable gift certificates for golf, restaurants, personal services and unique experiences from local and not too distant merchants. The event is held at an upscale venue and includes a delicious meal, silent and live auctions, drawings, music and lots of fun.

The title, “Auction for Love,” is based on the Shriners Hospitals for Children motto, “Love to the Rescue,” and reflects the love our members and friends have for the precious children to whom we provide life-changing care. The proceeds from these events go to the 22 Hospitals in the Shriners system, except for the Special Mission Opportunity, which is sent directly to the Greenville, SC, Shriners Hospital for their Outreach Clinics.

Opportunity Package

MegaphoneIn the early months of each year, the Club contacts its members with information about the Shrine and encourages its members to pass it on to his friends, neighbors and family members. This is an Opportunity to solicit those outside the Club for personal tax-deductible donations. This also is an opportunity for members to make their own personal donation to our Hospitals and Burn Centers.


From time to time, the “Black Camel” carries a Noble, his Lady or a Shrine friend, away. Memorials, in the form of gifts, wills or trusts in tribute to such individuals are sent in his/her name to Shrine Hospitals. The various methods of contribution can be:

Outright gift/memorials in cash, marketable securities, property or other items of value.

Conveyance of funds through insurance policy proceeds.

Lifetime Endowment Gifts whereby the donor retains the income of assets/properties/stocks & bonds, etc., during his/her lifetime, after which such bequests accrue to the Endowment Fund.

Making bequests by Will through estate or trust provision.

Each method has its own distinguishing features, procedures and tax consequences.

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Clown jumping The Hendersonville Shrine Club Funmakers (Clowns) presently consist of ten Nobles. There are many events in the community in which our Clowns participate including the Apple Festival, Opportunity House, Sseaco, Health Centers, Retirement Homes and various other community activities. Any Funmaker can make himself available to clown as often as he wants.

Our Funmakers Unit has also raised thousands of dollars for the Shriners Hospitals for Children and contributed thousands of soup labels for the Shrine Ladies Auxiliary program.

Any Noble can become a clown. The Health Adventure at Park Place in Asheville offers a Clown Workshop several times a year, usually on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for six weeks. Many of our clowns have attended these classes and, by doing so, have significantly improved their performances. Clown books and web sites are available to help us to be better clowns. The Funmakers will try to help anyone to whatever extent they can.

If you are thinking about becoming a clown, stop thinking and do it!! After all, we all have a touch of “clown” in us; well maybe, most of us do!

For more information, please contact the Club at Clown.

Shrine Ladies Auxiliary

First organized in 1978, the Hendersonville Shrine Club Ladies Auxiliary meets for lunch and to conduct business on the last Wednesday of every month at the Hendersonville Country Club. Our membership has grown to about 80 members. The main purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary is to help support the Shrine Club in any way we can.

Bake saleOur bake sale is held during the club's annual auction and is also one of our primary fundraisers.

Membership is open to Shriners’ Wives and Shrine Widows. Our stated purpose is to:

* Operate in a supportive role and assist the Hendersonville Shrine Club in its endeavor to help the Shriners Hospitals and Burn Centers.

·* Raise moneys to augment funds sent in support of the Hospitals by the Hendersonville Shrine Club. The Auxiliary “Special Events” include card parties, fashion shows and local sight seeing expeditions.

* Determine which items needed by the Greenville Shriners Hospital could be crafted and supplied by the Auxiliary.

* Provide the organizational medium whereby members might enjoy fraternal fellowship and further the social relations of the Shriners’ Wives and Widows.

For more information, please contact the President.

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